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Related post: Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 17:33:49 EDT From: Percxyzaol.com Subject: Rick's Bandannas Rick's Bandannas By percxyzaol.com I met Rick late in the evening on my first day in the dorm. I had arrived mid-afternoon, and when I got my room assignment and finally found it, he was not there, but his clothes and other stuff was on the floor of the main room and covering one of the beds in the smaller room. I dumped off my stuff and then left, needing to shaved virgin boys check on classes and do all the rest that a new freshman at college does. I got back to the dorm about five o'clock which was about a half hour before dinner. When I unlocked the door and naked dutch virgins let myself into the room, I could tell that someone had been in, but no one was in the room. I went into the smaller bedroom and saw that the door to the bathroom that my room shared with three others was open. I could hear the shower running, so I figured that my new roommate must be getting cleaned up before dinner. I was beat, so I stowed the things on my bed in one of the closets and stretched out on the bed to relax. It was great to finally be away from my parents and on my own at school. I was hoping that my dormmate would be someone real virgins porn photos cool since we would be spending the next nine months or so together. I heard the water from the shower shut off and rolled onto my back. After a minute or so, my new roommate walked through the door. I was pretty impressed. The guy was obviously of Latino heritage with much darker skin than mine, jet black hair, and a thin black moustache that went around his full lips and connected with a short goatee. He had a towel wrapped around his slim waist and beads of water on his chest. He didn't have much hair on his chest, just some across his pecs and I judged that he stood about two inches shorter than my own six foot height. But he was certainly well built! It seemed as if every muscle in his body was toned and stood out under his skin. A big smile lit up his face as he saw me lying on the bed and he walked over to me, extending his hand. As I reached up to shake, he introduced himself as Rick and I told him my name was William. "Billy, huh?" he said. His eyes traveled down my body then back up to meet my eyes. "Yeah you look like a Billy. Nice to meet you." Actually no one had ever called me Billy. I had always been Will or William. "Actually Rick, I normally go by Will or William. Most all my friends call me Will." He looked at me for another second or two, letting his eyes run from my face, down to my raped ukrainian virgins feet and back up again. "Nope, you're definitely a Billy," he said, his grip on my hand staying steady. I was kind of taken aback by his statement, but let it slide for now. I wanted to get off to a good start with my new roomie. His handshake was firm, as was my own, and he seemed to be measuring me a bit by it. Then he released my hand and turned his back on me. Rick leaned over his bed and began rummaging through his luggage and pulling out clothes. "So how old are ya, kid?" he asked. I was somewhat surprised. I had figured that all the freshmen were eighteen, like I was. I told him my age and asked him how old teen virgin porn fuck he was. He turned around to look at me again. "I'm twenty-one," he stated. "Been in the service for two years and now that I've got the money, I'm getting my degree." I watched as he unselfconsciously tugged the towel free from around his waist and began to dry his hair. The towel covered his face, and I found myself staring at his body, which was very well built, the muscles he had earned in basic training showing in his torso, arms and legs. Then my eyes went to his soft cock, which was only a few feet from my face. Even though he wasn't hard, I was impressed. He had a thick bush of black hair around his dick and it was long and thick. I pulled my eyes away and looked at the closets until he had finished drying himself off. I didn't want him thinking I was some kind of queer! I figured that being in the service he had gotten used to being naked around other guys a lot. I had grown up as an only child, and while I had spent plenty of time in the showers with guys after football and baseball games and swim meets, I had always been a bit shy. I was always worried about throwing a bone while the guys were around. I had seen it happen to other guys, who got teased unmercifully about it and for some reason, my cock wouldn't stay under control very easily in the lockers. Somehow I had managed to get through it, though. My shyness certainly wasn't because I wasn't good looking, (at least the girls in school had told me that I was good looking) or was ashamed of my body. I stood six feet tall, had worked out regularly, played football and baseball, swam the animal bust in virginia butterfly and been one of the jocks of my high school. It was just my nature I guess. I had always just quickly gone about my business in the locker or shower and ignored the other guys who horsed around or kidded with each other. Being around them when they were naked, or nearly so, had always made me nervous. I had plenty of girls that wanted little virgins porno to date me and several that I had taken up on the offer. Sex with them had been all right, but my shyness had always been a stumbling block, even after the first time. I had pretty much let them take the lead and the girls I had been with had always found it "cute" or something like that and we virgin black teen worked through it, but I had never grown out of it. I guessed that now I would just have to get used to having a naked guy around, if I was going to little virgins tasteful be living with him. Rick dressed quickly, throwing on shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes and we went to the cafeteria together for dinner. The dorm we were in was all male, so there were no chicks to look mary plate virgin at and meet. Rick and I sat together and told each other about our backgrounds. He had traveled a at risk youth virginia lot in the Navy for the past two years. My parents had a lot of money and I had been to many of the nude virgins top gallery places he mentioned, but on vacation, not working. I certainly hadn't been to the areas of some of the cities that he mentioned and some of his stories about him and his buddies out on the town had me blushing and getting a bit hard. After dinner, Rick suggested we explore a bit little virgin girl and we wandered around the campus. We located the closest female dorm and checked it out, as well as the girls sitting on the front steps. "Man I wish we had gotten into one of the co-ed dorms," he said. "Would have made life a lot easier." "Yeah, I guess so, but that's the luck of the draw I guess." "I get tired of just Rosie Palm all the time though." He said as we entered a convenience store not far from the dorm to pick up some things. I laughed. "Judging by the way all the girls we've passed have been checking you out, I doubt that you are gonna have to worry about that very much," I told him as we stepped up to the big coolers in the wall. "Well, they've been checking you out too, Billy boy. You are pretty well built, for a teenager." He grinned and gave me a friendly punch on the arm, then turned and grabbed a case of beer. I suddenly realized that he was legal to buy it and my comment about him calling me "Billy Boy" died on my lips with that realization. I could put up with a nickname if he'd russian teen virgins usenet be buying the beer! art virgin pics We split the cost of the beer and snacks and headed back to our dorm room. We settled in and met the other guys who shared the same bathroom. Four rooms connected through the bathroom, which meant a total of eight guys were in our group, including Rick and myself. The guys stopped in over the next few hours, sitting and having a beer with us and getting to know us a bit. Rick and I sat in our main room, at our desks. Fortunately, I had brought a fan, but it was still in the eighties, being the middle of August, so we just wore shorts, trying to stay cool. After the beer was finished and the guys had gone back to their rooms, we decided to "hit the rack" as Rick put it. I scrounged around for a pair of shorts and slid into them, then went to brush my teeth. Rick came in just as I was finishing and I left him, heading back to our bedroom. I moved the fan into the bedroom, set it to oscillate and climbed into bed. I didn't even pull a sheet over me since it virgin kid porno was still hot. korean virgins nude Rick came back into the room and put his things away. "Thanks for bringing the fan in, Billy boy. Glad you thought to bring one." He gave me a smile. "No problem, buddy," I said. The beers were having their effect and I was getting tired. As I lay on my back watching him, Rick shucked off his shorts and underwear and climbed into bed naked. I was kind of surprised, but said nothing. I figured that he must be used to sleeping in the nude. A lot of my friends had told me that they preferred sleeping that way. I had tried it, and it was all right, but I didn't feel comfortable doing it with Rick in the room. little virgin russian sex Rick lay on his back on his bed. His cock lay across his left thigh, pointing away from me. I watched as he closed his eyes as his breathing slowed. He is really a handsome guy, I thought. I liked the look of his short moustache and goatee. little virgins best None of the guys I knew had ever grown much facial hair. One friend had started on a moustache, but it looked pretty stupid and he shaved it off after just a few weeks. On Rick, though, the facial hair, though just a thin line of short black hair around his mouth and on his chin, made him look tough and masculine. I realized where my thoughts were headed so I put the sight of him out of my mind and rolled onto my side, facing the wall and fell asleep. The next several days were the usual for beginning a school year. Rick and I tried to pick up classes that we needed and drop ones that advisors had suggested but that we didn't want. We got to know each other a lot better, eating most of our meals together and spending a lot of our other free time together. I had other high school friends at the school, teammates from my baseball and swim teams, but for the most part they were in a dorm that was a 15 minute ride away on the student transport. Rick and I passed football on the student commons and went out to the local bars together "on the prowl for girls" as he put it. While I had a virgin defloration porn fair number of women who seemed interested in me, Rick had them hanging around him like a swarm of flies. He seemed to be a magnet for the girls. I guess the combination of his very masculine dark good looks, common sense and ability to talk about interesting foreign places made him a catch. Also, the lean, tight body he had developed in Basic and the Navy certainly helped. I even found myself admiring the way he could put on a raggedy pair of jeans and old t-shirt and look like a million bucks. We finally both seemed to get lucky one Saturday night that we went out together. Rick had kind of taken me under his wing, and I guess I had a bit of hero worship for him by that time. He set us both up with a girl he had met in a illegal virgins fucked class and one of her friends. We had a nice time out at dinner then listening to a band at a bar afterwards. By the time we were ready to leave, Rick was talking his talk to try and get them back to our room with us. I had never been very good at that and was relying on Rick to pull it off. But the girls decided it might be too quick and suggested we park for a bit and see what developed. We found a space in the lot for their dorm, well away from the doors. Rick and his girl hit it off immediately in the back seat of my car and were definitely having some fun. My shyness, which had always been a problem for me, interfered again and I couldn't seem to get in the groove with my girl in the front seat. After a bit of time passed, my girl said it was time for them to go, giving her friend a look. Rick and I watched as the girls walked back to their dorm. It was obvious that the main reason the girls hadn't gone back to our rooms with us and had cut short the fun in the car was because of my problems with my gal. On the way back to our dorm, I could tell that Rick was kind of upset and when I tried to talk to him he cut me off each time. It seemed he was blaming me for not putting enough pressure on the girl he'd set me up with to get her to agree. tiny virgin sex We got back to our rooms and Rick went straight to the head. (By now I had picked up a lot of his sailor lingo for things.) I heard him turn on the shower and decided just to hit the rack. I turned on the fan, since the room was stifling and stripped to my shorts. I climbed on my bed and quickly sex with virgin girls was asleep. bid on christian virgin I didn't even hear Rick come back into the room. But later, I was awakened by a sound in the room that was just a bit louder than the fan. I opened my eyes and could see Rick's form clearly in the moonlight streaming in through the window. I saw that he was jerking off, and heard the soft moans he was making and the sound of his hand and arm moving. I was lying on my stomach with my head turned toward him nudist virgin fucking and had a pretty clear view. The only thing I couldn't see clearly was his cock. His arm and hand blocked my view. I had never seen another man's hard cock in use in person before in my life. Like I said, I'd seen guys throw wood in locker rooms, but never like what I was seeing with Rick. I also would never have considered jacking russain teen virgin off when Rick was in the room. Now, watching this handsome stud beat his meat just a few feet from me, I felt my own cock growing in my shorts. It was trapped between me and the bed and was getting painful. I tried to ignore it, but eventually had to move. I rolled onto my back, adjusting my hard cock and the motion caught Rick's attention. To my surprise, he never stopped stroking his cock. "Dammit, Billy boy, we could have had those chicks back here with us if you had just tried a little harder! What the fuck is wrong with you?" Rick had figured out right away that I was shy around girls, but it hadn't seemed to matter to him. In fact, it kind of amused him at first. Now he seemed pretty upset. "Shit! I need to get off, Billy boy. You fucked things up tonight. I had expected to be fucking that girl tonight and would still be doing it right now, if not for you. Dammit!" he said, his hand stopping its motion on his cock. I was kind of in shock, not knowing what to say and just watched as he released his rock hard dick, which slapped against his tight belly. My eyes were glued to the sight of his huge, thick hard meat. "What the fuck is wrong with you, Billy?" "Whaddya mean, Rick?" I genuinely didn't understand what he meant. Rick suddenly sat up on his bed, facing me. I could now more clearly see his big cock jutting upwards from between his spread legs. "What do I mean? I'll tell ya what I fucking mean. One, I set you up with a hot chick tonight. Two, I get my date convinced to come back here with us for some fun. Three, you can't manage to talk to yours enough to get her to come with us, so I get them to agree to some fun in the car. Four, you can't even make out with your date in the car or get her to do anything. Five, my date goes back to the dorm with yours. Six, you don't really even seem interested in your girl. Seven, now I am back here, in bed alone, hard as a rock and horny as hell and, eight, it is your fucking fault! That's what I fucking mean!" Rick's voice had risen throughout his listing of my shortcomings. I knew he was a bit drunk from the beers and certainly was frustrated too, but I didn't know what to say to him. I sat up on my bed as he reached over and clicked on the lamp on the table between our beds. Now I could see him completely. My eyes seemed unable to look away from his hard cock. It stood russia virgin up from his thick black bush and throbbed between his legs. I could see where it glistened on the fat, purplish head from the precum he had worked up stroking it. It seemed like it was almost obscene, seeing him hard like this, but I couldn't pull my eyes away for a moment. I wasn't sure what was happening. Then I raised my eyes to meet Rick's. He was staring at me with a strange expression on his face. I watched as he dropped his gaze down my body and then saw his eyes widen then narrow. He looked back at my face again. "So that's it. That's the way things are with you, Billy Boy. Now I see." A smirk played along his lips. "If I had known that, we could've solved this problem first thing. Why didn't you just tell me you get off on my bod?" He seemed genuinely puzzled. "What are you talking about, Rick?" "Well, kid, first you run off our chicks, now you've been laying there watching me stroke my cock for who knows how long and now you're sitting there staring at it. Plus seeing me hard has given you your own woody in your shorts. Seems pretty obvious to me." "What the hell do you mean?" I asked. I guess I was pretty slow that night. "You dig my body, Billy Boy. You ditched the chicks cause you want a chance at my hard cock. Don't deny it. It's written all over your face. Don't try to give me that 'I'm shy around girls' bullshit anymore. I bought it for awhile, but not any more. It's obvious what you want." "What the fuck are you talking about?" I demanded. "Hey, Billy, calm down. It's cool with me. I spent two years in the Navy. I know how to be a man among men. How many cocks have you sucked, Billy boy?" "What the hell? I've never sucked cock! I'm no fucking cocksucker, Rick! And stop calling me those stupid nicknames! I told you my name was Will or William, dammit! I let you do it for a while, but enough is enough." "Calm down, Billy Boy. You're a cocksucker. Sure you are, buddy," he purred softly. "I can tell when someone is lying to me, so I believe you haven't sucked cock before, but you're still a cocksucker." He stood up and stepped closer to my bed. "You just don't know it yet yourself. That's easily fixed, though, Billy Boy. I'm gonna show you what you need and give you your first taste of it. Once you get virgins fuck a lick on my dick, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. I met enough guys like you in the service to recognize the signs. After their first taste of cock, they'd get on their knees for pretty much any man willing to feed them his cum. When you look at my dick, you get the same look on your face as they did, Billy Boy. I think that's why you fucked things up so badly tonight. You may have done it subconsciously, but you did it cause you want my dick. But now that you've got me back here alone, you're afraid to go for it, even though I know you want it. Well, now you've met the man who's gonna give you what you need and show you what you are. By the time I am finished with you tonight, you'll understand you're a cocksucker, Billy." Rick was only about a foot away from me now and his cock waved just three or four inches in front of my face. I leaned back, away from him, but my back was soon against the wall. There was nowhere else to go as Rick moved even closer, stepping up until his knees were pressed against the edge of my bed, between my own legs. He leaned forward, pushing his cock close to my face again and grabbed it, milking it in front of me. I managed to pull my eyes away from the virgins nude 15 sight of his manhood. I looked up at him, pleading. "Please Rick! I don't suck cock. I don't want to suck yours. Come on man, just calm down." "I'm perfectly calm, Billy Boy. I just want my dick sucked. I wanna see those sweet lips of yours stretched around my meat and feel that tongue licking it like a lollipop." I turned my face away from his dick. Rick reached down and grabbed the sides of my head with his hands, forcing my face back around until I was staring right at his meat again. It was now no more than an inch from my face. I tilted my head back, looking up at him. "Listen, Billy Boy, you're just like those other guys I told ya about. Your hard cock is a screaming at me that you are hot and horny for my dick in your mouth, just like the other guys' dicks were. A couple of them were reluctant at first, but once they had a taste of a real man's meat - and I am a real man, Billy boy, you're gonna find that out real soon - they knew they were cocksuckers and went out of their way to get more of my dick. In fact they went out to find other guys to suck off after I showed them what they needed. I watched one of them get on his knees and suck off a line of guys in a port in Spain that was ten guys long. The little cocksucker was hard the entire time he sucked too. Now open your mouth and let me slide it in, Billy boy." Rick moved forward a bit and the head of his cock rubbed across my lips. I could feel the wet precum smear across them and the heat of his throbbing cockhead. He pushed the tip between my lips and I could taste the glistening fluid I had seen earlier. It was a slightly salty taste, but not bad. I was still looking up at Rick's handsome face and saw a wide grin appear. "That's right, Billy Boy. Open up and suck my dick! It's ready for your mouth." I let my lips part just a little more and Rick took immediate advantage. I felt the head of his dick slide between my lips and let my teeth open to accept it. It was soft and spongy, but also steely hard underneath. As it hit my tongue, I got exploited virgin a better taste of hot precum he was leaking. shy little virgins Rick let out a satisfied sigh as he took over my mouth, sliding his meat forward several inches. I heard Rick let out a low moan and watched his eyes close. My own eyes traveled from his face, down his muscular chest to the thin line of hair that ran from his navel then spread out around the base of his cock. I could also see the several inches of his cock which he'd not yet gotten into my mouth. I had another man's dick in my mouth! I couldn't believe it. My handsome Latino friend was making me suck his cock. His hips had begun humping back and forth in short strokes, rubbing the head of his dick back and forth across my tongue. I gagged a bit when Rick shoved deeper and the head hit the entrance to my throat. I heard him chuckle. "You're gonna have to learn to take the whole thing, Billy Boy. Either that or I'm gonna have to find somewhere else to put it in you that can take it deep." I knew what that meant! He was talking about fucking me! Suddenly I was trying harder to get the whole length of his cock into my throat, but it seemed so thick that I would never be able to do it. Through my watering eyes, I could see that Rick appeared to be enjoying my discomfort. He seemed to get off on being in control, over top of me and forcing free virgin desnudas me to suck him, though I wondered if "forcing" was the right word since I was now trying to take him on my own. I noticed that the quick strokes of his cock were coming even faster. On one backstroke his cock slipped from my mouth, snapping wetly up against his tight belly. I panted a bit for a second. As he reached for his cock to aim it back between my lips, I tried one last plea. "Please don't cum in my mouth, Rick. I'll keep sucking you but please don't shoot your stuff in my mouth!" "Yeah right, cocksucker!" He knocked me on the side of my head with the palm of his right hand. It didn't hurt and wasn't meant to, I don't think. He was just trying to knock a bit of sense into me. "I'm fucking your mouth and you think I'm gonna pull out? If there was a chick here doing what you're doing, I would. They never want a guy to cum in their mouth. But you fucked that up, so just accept the fact that you're gonna get my load. All cocksuckers like to take it in the mouth, Billy Boy, so deal with it. Besides, if I don't cum in your mouth, I can think of another place to shoot my load!" He slid his meat back between my lips and I didn't try to pull away. He pumped in and out a few times, choking me with his length, but I struggled to accept it, to take all of his manhood. He tilted my head back to give himself better access and I looked up at him. His face broke from his smile to a sneer and as he let out a moan of pleasure, I got my first taste of a man's cum. Spurt after spurt of his hot salty wad shot into my mouth as Rick's strong hands held my head in place. My hands were on his hips, at first trying to push him away, then just gripping them, feeling his hard body as he pumped his cum into me. Finally I dropped my hands to the bed and let him finish shooting his sperm into my mouth. Two or three more contractions of the hard cock in my mouth signaled the end of his orgasm. I slumped down, defeated, but Rick still held my head tightly. I was waiting for him to pull his spent cock from my mouth so I could spit out the load of his cum filling it. Rick had other plans. Keeping the head of his cock between my lips, he ordered me to swallow. I looked up at him, not believing my ears. I just looked up at him unmoving. Rick's right hand smacked my face, leaving my cheek stinging. "You heard me, cocksucker! Swallow my fucking cum!" Not knowing what else to do, I obediently swallowed the thick salty sperm that had just come from the dominant Latino. I felt thoroughly used and humiliated. Rick had called me a cocksucker and made me into one. I had his cum in my stomach and was digesting it. I realized that things had just changed between us dramatically. Rick pulled his cock from my mouth and grabbed a fistful of the hair on the top of my head. I kept my blond hair pretty short, but there was enough for him to drag me forward onto my knees between the beds. As I submitted to this indignity, Rick sat back on his bed and stretched out his legs, pushing his right shin between my legs and up against my cloth covered crotch. This was the first contact of any kind that he had with my dick, even if it was his shin against my underwear. It was enough to make me moan involuntarily. Rick heard it, chuckled and gave me a wicked grin. He pressed up with his leg, rubbing it against my throbbing hard cock. "Ohhhh, god!" I said, unable to help myself. Rick's leg pressed harder, rubbing some more and making my entire body react. With his free hand, Rick squeezed and stroked his cock, then pulled my face closer to it. That had the effect of bending me over more and pressing my crotch more firmly against his leg. I watched as a large bead of pearly white cum formed at the tip. Rick's shin rubbed against my crotch and I let out another moan of pleasure. Rick pulled me forward more by the hair until I was completely bent over his leg and blonde virgin cunnigulis the feel of his leg against my body and his cock against my face overrode my will. My virgin pre hips seemed to move on their own, humping his shin like I was a dog. It seemed as if I had no control over my body. I could also tell that within seconds, I was gonna cum in my shorts! I twisted my head upwards to look at him and begged, "No! Oh, no! Don't! Please don't!" I wasn't sure if I was talking to Rick or to my own body as I tried to hold off my impending orgasm. I couldn't cum on my knees humping this sexy Latino man's leg! I just couldn't! I looked up at Rick pleading with my eyes, but he just grinned at me wickedly, obviously waiting. Finally, I could hold back no longer and felt my breath hitch in my chest and my own orgasm begin to run through me. "No, please!" I said one more time as my cum began to spurt up through my cock. Rick quickly forced the head of his cock to my lips and made me lick up the cum that had gathered there. As I did so, I felt shot after shot of my own wad erupting into my shorts. I was jerking and trembling on my knees still straddling and humping the leg of the hot ex-military stud. Rick held me in place with the grip on my hair, then twisted my head so that I was looking back up at him, his cockhead and the taste of his cum in my mouth, and the scent of his musk filling my nose as I shot my load pressed against his hairy leg. Then, with a shove, Rick sent me falling back against my bed. "Well I guess we see that Billy Boy is more of a cocksucker than he wanted to believe, didn't we? Told you I could spot 'em." I got to my feet, unable to meet his eyes. I moved to my closet and opened the door. "What do you think you're doing, cocksucker?" "Getting some clean shorts to sleep in, Rick." "No way faggot. You're gonna sleep in the shorts you got on, boy. I want you to wake up in the morning with your crotch soaked with the load you shot humping my leg while lapping up the last of my cum. I'm gonna make sure you NEVER forget this night. Not that you would anyway. But this will show your obedience to me and you are gonna learn to obey. Now get into bed!" It was an order. No doubt about it. After just a second's hesitation, I submitted to the will of the dominant male in the room and climbed back into bed, my crotch soaked with my own cum. Rick laid back down on his bed on his side, watching me. I heard him tell me that he'd teach me more later, before I fell asleep exhausted from Rick's domination. The next morning, I awoke before Rick. I looked over to see him sleeping on his back, still naked of course. He had a morning hard on. His cock was throbbing against his flat belly, the head reaching almost to his belly button. I eased out of bed, my own shorts kind of cold from the cum I had shot and slipped in to use the head. I took a long hot shower, getting very clean, then brushed my teeth and hair and slipped back into the room. Rick had rolled onto his side. His cock stuck out along the bed now and I was amazed at the size of it. I was also very embarrassed about what had happened the previous night. I dressed quietly and slipped out the door to class. I didn't see Rick again until well after dinner that evening. He hadn't been in the room at lunch and still being embarrassed, I hadn't stayed around very long before going for some food and on to my afternoon class. When I got home that evening, Rick was sitting at his desk in the main room, studying with some music playing. He was dressed in only a very tight pair of white shorts, his chest and feet bare. I paused for a second in the doorway, but then moved on into the room and closed the door behind me. I had nowhere else to go so I had to face him at some point. "Missed ya this morning, Billy Boy," he said. "Had a nice breakfast all ready for ya too." I watched as he dropped his hand to his crotch and began to rub virgin sweet girl sex the growing bulge there. I decided to take the initiative. "Hey Rick, man, last night was just a fluke, ya know? You caught me off guard. I didn't know what you were planning and you were finished before I bush virgin realized really what was going on. I'm not a cocksucker. I don't want to do it again." Rick just laughed. "Not a cocksucker? I don't think so, boy. You sucked my dick and ate my cum. You are definitely a cocksucker! You knew exactly what was happening and were doing your best to get my dick down your throat. Don't give me any more bullshit, Billy. You were put on this earth to suck cock. Not only that, you are from now on my personal cocksucker. You'll suck me off little virgins 10 12 any time, any place I tell you, however many times I tell you. Got it?" There was an intensity in his gaze that was very compelling. Rick had a strong, dominant personality. He liked to take charge and he was doing so again. I dropped my eyes from him and heard him chuckle. "Can't even look a real man in the eye, huh? I'm not surprised. Cocksuckers like you know better than to try and stare down a real man. You and I may both be male, but we settled last night who's the MAN in the room when I shot my load of cum in your mouth. Didn't we?" I didn't atv riding in virginia know what to say or what do to. I just moved into the bedroom and lay down on my bed. Rick followed me in, the bulge in his shorts even bigger now. "Got a hot snack waiting for you, Billy Boy. Time to put some practice in on your new hobby." I watched as he pulled down his shorts and kicked them off. He stood before me proudly, naked and fully erect. I still couldn't believe the size of his hard dick. It was a couple shades darker than the rest of his skin and at least eight inches. I could already see the precum oozing from the piss slit on the head and my mouth watered as I remembered the taste of it. "How about it, Billy? You ready to get fed again? No sense in denying it boy. I know you love it. You know you love it, even if you still won't admit it to yourself. Now why don't you strip for me so I can get a good look at my new toy. You've been so shy since we moved in here I have only seen ya naked a couple times." I didn't move, not because I didn't want to do what he was telling me to do, but because something in me actually wanted to obey. "Come on, Billy Boy, you should have seen yourself when you shot your wad on your knees humping my leg. Hell, you were licking the last of my cum straight from my dick when you did it. Quit playing hard to get. Now get up and strip." Reluctantly, I got up and began to pull off my clothes. In just a few seconds, I stood naked in front of him. Rick was a few inches shorter than I was, but I felt like he was towering over me anyway. To my intense embarrassment, my cock was hard as steel. I just stood there while Rick ran his eyes up and down my body. teeny nasty virgin He made me turn around for him so he could inspect me like a piece of meat. My cock was so hard that it hurt and that was probably the most humiliating thing. Then he had me face him again. His dick was in his hand. With his free hand he pointed to the floor in front of him. "I want you on your knees right here within five seconds, cocksucker!" I moved immediately and knelt at the feet of my ex-sailer stud roommate. He was in control and to my surprise, I found I liked it. I knew he was going to do things to me and make me do things to him that would make most other guys sick, but I was actually kind of looking forward to sucking him again. I looked up at him, ready for the order to open my mouth, to take him again. Instead, he walked around me, checking me from every angle. I wasn't ashamed. I knew I had a good body. The sports and working out had kept me in shape and I knew that I was handsome enough. My blond hair and blue eyes just contrasted with his darker skin and brown eyes. My hand automatically went to my cock to cover it. "Hands off! Did I tell you that you could touch your dick, faggot?" "No," I replied. "No what??" he demanded. I couldn't believe he wanted me to 101 teen virgins say it, but he just stood there, waiting. "No, Sir," I said, finally. He grinned. "Much better boy. We're gonna get along just fine as long as you remember who's top dog in this room. If nude virgin pictures you forget, then you'll be punished. But we'll get to that later." He moved around until he was standing in front of me again and wagged his cock in front of my face. He was so nonchalant about being naked with me, showing off his hard cock. I guessed it must have been due to spending time in close quarters with guys in the service. I'd always had my own room and privacy. Sure I'd been in locker rooms, but that was always a fairly quick change for me. I'd avoided a lot of the horsing around and crude jokes. Now in the back of my mind, I realized that it was more than just a fear of getting hard that had prompted my avoidance, it was the sight of the other jocks naked that had made me nervous. Rick stepped up to me and began to slap my cheeks and forehead with his hard cock. I just knelt there and let him beat my face with his thick eight inches. virgin suck It was humiliating, but for some reason, it also turned me on. His masculine scent filled my nose and I inhaled it deeply. My own cock was throbbing between my legs and my breathing had quickened until I was almost panting. I opened my mouth, and realized that I was actually hoping he would shove his meat in again. I wanted to suck him. I wanted to hear him moan in pleasure as he came and know I was the one who made him feel so good. He laughed at my attempts to capture his cock in my mouth. Without thinking, my right hand closed around my cock again and I began to stroke. Rick noticed this immediately and stopped beating my face with his dick. I watched as the look on his face hardened. "I guess you haven't learned the first rule, have you, cocksucker?" I immediately dropped my cock. "I'm sorry Rick. I just am so turned on, I forgot. I won't do it again. I promise!" "I know you won't, Billy boy. But you've shown you can't control yourself. I'll have to make sure of the matter." He walked to his closet, leaving me kneeling naked on the floor and returned with a red bandana that I had seen him wear on his head several times. He ordered me to stand and turn around which I did. He forced my arms behind me and crossed my wrists. I felt the bandana loop around them. "Please Rick! I promise I won't disobey again. You don't need to tie me up!" He finished tying my wrists and stepped up behind me, his cock rubbing against my bound hands. I felt his chin on my shoulder, the stubble on it scraping across my skin and making me shiver. "You know? I bet you would obey, and I probably don't need to tie you up. But I want to! Besides, it looks like you like it just fine." I realized he little virgin pussies free was looking down the front of my body and seeing my hard dick respond to his tying me. Rick stepped away and turned me to face him. I tried to pull my wrists apart and couldn't. I pulled again, feeling my muscles strain, but being a sailor, Rick knew his knots and I was not going to get free. "You look good with your muscles all pumped up like that Billy. Plus you virginity photos are obviously getting off on a little bit of roping, boy." I could feel little drops of precum being worked up my shaft as my dick throbbed in response to my straining arms and shoulders. As my cock throbbed, I looked at Rick, who was standing there, watching me react to having my wrists tied. I watched as he reached out with his right hand and felt its heat on my shoulder. He squeezed for a second, feeling my muscles straining against the bandanna, then pushed down. My cock throbbed as I sank to my knees in front of the sexy sailor. This time there were no preliminaries. With my hands secured behind me, Rick grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth. When I began to gag, he just shoved harder, forcing his dick into my throat. My air was cut off and my body jerked and trembled, but there was no way to stop what was happening. I watched as his pubic hair came closer and closer until finally my nose nestled in it. My throat was spasming around his cock, but I was helpless to pull back. After a few seconds, Rick yanked his cock back and I shy virgins free clips drew in a deep breath. Then he plunged back in again. I choked some more and he seemed to enjoy the sounds. He twisted his hips, poking his cock in at different angles, seeing which provoked the most gagging from me. After a few minutes of his fun, he got serious again and began to fuck my mouth and throat with long, slow strokes. I choked some ls virgin photo still, but was doing better taking his cock. I listened to him as he fucked my face. His talk turned me on even more. "Yeah that's it, cocksucker. Eat your man's meat. Take it down your throat! Yeahhhh. I've made you into a cocksucker, Billy boy. Your goddam mouth was made to please a man's cock. Oh fuck yeah! That feels great, faggot. Eat my dick. Lick it, cocksucker!" The words streamed from his mouth, calling me names, praising my cocksucking and reinforcing that he was the one who had made me a cocksucker. Finally, he raised up onto his toes and his whole body stiffened. With a loud moan, he shot his wad. He yanked his hands forward as he thrust his hips and his cock sank more deeply into my throat than it had before. I only knew for sure that he was cumming by the twitches of his body and the expansion and contraction of his cock in my mouth. I never even tasted the second load Rick pumped into me. Rick let his cock soak for a few seconds, then pulled back, allowing me to breathe. He milked the exposed inches with his right hand and I tasted the drop of sperm that he produced as it formed on my tongue. Then he pushed me away, sending me falling onto the floor on my side. I was gasping for breath. He just looked at me, chuckled and sat on the edge of his bed. His feet were only inches from my face. I could feel my dick throbbing as I looked up at the sweaty young man sitting on the bed above me. I pulled at the bandanna binding my wrists, futilely trying to free my hands. Rick just watched me struggle for a moment, then spoke. "Look at me, Billy boy." I looked up at his face. "Kiss my foot, boy," he ordered. His foot was only about an inch from my face now, so I scooted forward a bit and pressed my lips to the top of virgin japan sexy sites it. "Good boy," he purred. "You're getting the hang of things now." I had gotten my knees under me and was now kneeling, bent over, kissing Rick's foot. I knew what he was doing to me. He was showing me who was boss and it was obvious to us both that it wasn't me. Hell, I could still taste his cock in my mouth and the last drop of his hot cum I had licked off the head. I knew he had me now. With his act of tying my hands behind me and fucking my face Rick established himself as the dominant male in the room. Now, I obediently kissed his foot without even protesting. He told me to stand up and turn around. When I did, he untied my hands. I turned back around to look at him. My cock was throbbing in front of me now, nearly eight inches of hard meat. Rick chuckled when he saw it. "Tell me you're my cocksucker, Billy boy." "I'm your cocksucker, Rick." "Yeah, that you are. I bet you want to get off, don't ya?" "Oh god, yessir!" "I think that can be arranged, Billy Boy." He lay back on his bed, his body stretched out in front of me. I thought how sexy he looked. Rick put his hands behind his head and looked up at me. His cock was still hard. It jutted up from his black bush, throbbing slightly and leaking precum at the head. The shaft was still glistening with my saliva and his balls were hanging down low, having given up one load already. The sight made my mouth water. I was so horny that I didn't know what to do, but remembered myself enough to wait for Rick's orders. "Alright, Billy boy. I'm gonna let you cum, but you're gonna do it my way. You get your mouth down here on my chest and start licking. As long as you are licking where I tell you, you can stroke your cock. Fair enough?" "Yes sir!" I replied and dropped to my knees between his widely spread legs. My hand grabbed my cock the second my tongue touched his skin. I sucked at his pecs and tongued the valley between them. I sucked on his nipples and felt them get hard in my mouth. I could feel Rick's heartbeat under my lips and that really turned me on. Rick's cock was pressed into my abs as I moved my mouth over his chest, licking and sucking, tasting every inch of him that I could reach. My hand was flying over my cock and I was moaning as I licked down Rick's muscular abs. I was close to cumming. Rick grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into his armpit. I licked at the damp hair there. The taste of his sweat was too much for me and I let out a loud moan. Rick held my face pressed into his pit while my body convulsed and I shot my load onto the floor and bed. I could hear him laughing as I did it, but was too far gone to care. I had never cum so hard or so much lollipops virgins in my life despite my nose and mouth being pressed into another dude's pit. When I was spent, Rick released my head and I fell back onto the floor. I was exhausted and my breath came in great gasps. Rick leaned back against the wall and looked at me. Now that I had cum, I couldn't believe what I had just done. Waves of humiliation ran through me and I couldn't believe that I had actually licked out Rick's sweaty armpit and shot my load as I did it. Rick watched me silently for a minute or russian virgine two while all these thoughts ran through my head. "Alright boy. Time to get some sleep. Tomorrow is Saturday, so no sneaking off early to class. But I think I ought to make sure." Rick grinned at me, then got up and went to his closet again. I watched as he pulled out a blue, then a green bandanna. I'd seen him wearing these before and just the sight of them started my cock throbbing again. "Get up on your bed, bitch!" I quickly obeyed, all thoughts of my humiliation gone with the sight of Rick, standing naked with the bandannas in his hand. I lay down on my back and watched as Rick approached. He grabbed my left wrist and used the blue bandanna to tie it to the bedpost. Then he did the same to my left wrist with the green one. I was surprised when he picked up the bandanna from earlier and used it to tie my left ankle to the bottom bed post. My cock was now a steel bar again, but I couldn't touch it. Rick looked down at me and saw my hard cock and laughed. You won't be getting any more relief there," he said, nodding towards my hard dick. "You'll probably spend all night wishing you could touch your prick and staring at me as I sleep, but that's your problem. In the morning, we'll see what kind of state you're in, fag." I wanted so badly to grab my cock and pulled at the bandannas, but there was no getting free. I tried to lift my wrists, but the metal rod connecting the tops of the bed posts stopped me from freeing myself that way. As I writhed on the bed, Rick got back into his. He turned off the light then rolled over on his side, facing away from me. Frustrated as hell, but so turned on that the slightest touch on my cock would make me cum, I tried to pull free, but couldn't. I then tried to turn enough on the bed to basically hump it to try to cum, but stretched out with my ankle and both wrists tied, I couldn't get turned enough. Rolling to my left where I had the most mobility only left my cock hanging over the side of the bed. Finally I realized that there was no way for me to get any friction on my cock and settled back onto the bed. "About time you figured that out, cocksucker," Rick said. I looked over and saw he was laying on his back watching me. I wanted to ask him to release me, to let me cum, but knew it wouldn't do any good. Rick closed his eyes and as I listened, his breathing slowed as he fell asleep. My eyes were locked on the sight of his chest rising and falling and his tight abs. Then as time passed and the moonlight shifted, his soft cock was revealed. It was while staring at it that I finally fell asleep. The next morning, I awoke again before Rick. Without thinking, I tried to get up, but the bandannas held me in place. I struggled quietly for a few moments before settling down again. I debated for a few seconds whether to wake up Rick since I needed to take a piss now as much as I needed to cum. I soon discovered I didn't have to make that decision. My struggling had awoken my ex-military roommate and he was looking over at me. The first thing I noticed was his hard cock laying up along his abs. I felt my mouth actually begin to water looking at it. I remembered the taste of Rick as he slid into my mouth and knew he had been right. I wanted to feel and taste him again. I realized that my years of denial about my attraction to the other jocks at school were coming out in me full force as I looked at my sexy roommate's naked body. Still, my mind yelled at me from a back corner that this was the man who had fucked my mouth the night before and I shouldn't let him very little virgins porno do it again. Of course, I really had no choice in the matter. I watched as Rick stood and stretched. His body looked incredible as he arched his back and flexed his muscles. His morning hard on stood out proudly as he did it, proclaiming his manhood. I could feel lube working its way up my cock as I watched him. Rick dropped to the floor and did a quick fifty push ups, then stood up and looked down at me. He was still hard. "I bet you are just about ready to either die or cum, aren't you, Billy?" he asked. yung virgin porno "Oh god, Rick. Please, please untie me. I need to cum and I need to piss so badly. Please let me up!" "Well which do you want to do first?" I was hornier than I'd ever been in my life, plus I didn't think I could get any piss through the hard on I was asian market mclean virginia sporting so I told him I'd like to cum first. "Yeah, that's what I figured. How about I untie one of your wrists and you can beat off." At first, I was violated virgin pussy elated by the idea, but then I had a thought. "Are you gonna, well you know, watch me while I do it?" My old insecurities and fears had flooded back into me. Rick just laughed. "Fuck Billy! I know what it feels like to cum in your cocksucking mouth and I'm gonna do it plenty more. You really embarrassed by me watching you get your nut?" I thought for a split second and realized he was right. "No, Rick. Please untie my hand so I can cum." He grinned virgins russian down at me. Rick took a step closer to the bed and apparently knew that I was a righty since he untied my right wrist. He leaned over me which gave him the opportunity to rub his cock along my cheek while he worked on the knot. I didn't try to move my face away, but he stopped after just a second. "You're gonna have to shave this morning, Billy boy. You don't really grow much of a beard or 'stache, but the little bit of stubble free virgine sex you have is rough and needs to go. Got it?" "Yes, Rick." I replied. My right wrist was finally free of the bandanna, but Rick held it in place when I tried to go for my virgin daughter sex cock. He continued to keep my arm immobilized until I stopped trying to move it and gave into him. Then he gave me a wicked grin and released my wrist. I reached down and grabbed my cock. Within about three strokes I started to cum, gasping as the first shot landed up on my cheek. When I started to moan, Rick stuffed the bandanna that had been binding my wrist into my mouth, muffling me. "You make that much noise and everyone's gonna know you're shooting your wad, Billy." I realized I had forgotten about everyone but Rick and tried to stifle my moans, but found myself even more turned on by the bandanna in my mouth and Rick's hand over it holding it firmly in place. I let out four or five more muffled moans as the rest of my load landed on my chest and abs. I was still tethered to the bed by my left wrist and ankle and strained against those bonds as I shot my load while Rick watched. Finally I was done and Rick went and sat on his bed. "You can get yourself free now," he told me, then sat back to watch. free nude virgin I managed to get my other wrist untied, then my ankle. For the first time in hours, I could move freely. I looked over at Rick, wondering what he would want me to do now. Even though I had cum, I was still really turned on from the way he'd kept me tied to the bed and my cock had never gone soft as I struggled to free myself. I could see that Rick's cock was still hard and I expected him to tell me it was time to suck him off again. Despite having just cum, I was actually ready to do it. All the desires I had pretended didn't exist when I had been in the lockers with the other jocks in my school were running free in my mind. I was surprised then when Rick got up, grabbed his towel and went to the head. I sat on my bed, trying to will my cock down and rubbed at my wrists a bit. The left one was a bit red, but I realized it was from my struggling to get free and pulling against the bandannas as I came that had caused it, not how tightly Rick had tied me. Finally, I got up and followed Rick, using my towel to hide my cock which was still half hard. Rick was already in the shower and so I used the facilities, brushed my teeth and shaved as he had ordered, trying to give him time to finish. He had other plans though and in the mirror I saw the shower curtain slide back. Rick was looking out at me, his hand slowly stroking his hard cock. "Get in here Billy," was all he said. Despite the fact that any of our other suitemates could come in and potentially discover us in the shower together, or worse me on my knees sucking off my Latino roomie, I obeyed. I stepped into the spray and Rick just looked at me. "Go down on me, Billy," he said softly. I slowly sank to my knees, taking in the sight of his wet skin as I lowered my face to the level of his crotch. The dark hair that spread across sluts virgin little his chest was more apparent now that it was wet and I could see that there were many smaller, finer hairs across his muscular torso that were light enough when he was dry not to show. I realized that in another couple of years, my sexy roomie would be even hairier and more masculine. Finally my eyes focused on the real prize, Rick's hard cock. It was standing at attention and as Rick simply rested his hand on the top of my head, I leaned forward on my own and captured the head between my lips. The water from the shower had washed away the precum that I had first tasted last night, but as I worked on his cock with my lips and tongue I was rewarded with his salty, smoky flavor. I pushed my head forward more, taking more of Rick's inches into my mouth until the head of his cock was pushed up to the entrance to my throat. I swallowed and as my throat relaxed, I felt Rick grab my hair and pull my head forward. This time we were both working towards the same goal and I got him in me down to the pubes with only minor struggle. I heard him let out a soft sigh as he held my head firmly against his crotch. After a moment, just as I was beginning to panic for lack of air, he released his grip and I pulled up, sucking in air through my nose. "That's right, cocksucker. You are a natural at this, Billy. You should've been blowing all your teammates and buddies for years with the talented mouth that you've got. Poor guys really missed out, but I have to admit it's more fun for me to be the one breaking you in. They say you fags always remember the man who busts your cherries, so you'll remember me forever. But there's still a lot for you to learn. This weekend is gonna be a real learning experience for you, bitch." Rick had been thrusting into my mouth as he told me this, his hips moving faster and faster. Now, I petite virgins xxx felt him rise up onto his toes again as he rammed into my throat and I looked up at his face as he began to shoot his cum into my mouth for the second time. Rick had his head thrown back and all I could see was his toned body over top of me, his muscles 14 virgin porn tensed as he filled my mouth with his seed. His balls, elite virgins porno which had been slapping my chin were pulled up to the base of his cock as they delivered his jizz into my waiting mouth. I gulped it all down as quickly as Rick produced it and saw the shudders run through Rick's taut muscles as he came. Rick began to relax, lowering himself back off his toes and he looked down at me. Rick had a big grin on his face as he saw me swallowing. A few seconds later, Rick pulled out of my mouth and turned to rinse off in the spray. Before I could even climb to my feet, he had stepped out of the shower, leaving me toplist virgins there kneeling, alone with my hard dick. Not knowing what else to do, I went ahead with my shower. I heard the water in the sink running as I soaped up and shampooed. I rinsed off and grabbed my towel, pulling the shower curtain aside. Rick was at the sink, combing his dark, curly hair and looking at me in the mirror. He hadn't shaved, and stubble covered his cheeks and chin, making him look even darker and sexier. "Wait for me in the room, Billy Boy. I'll just be a minute." I wrapped my towel around my waist, virgin russian defloration pics trying to hide my stiffening dick, but Rick had already seen it and just smiled knowingly little naked virgin girls at me. "Don't bother putting on any clothes just yet." he said quietly. Blushing, I went into our room and sat on the edge of my bed. A few moments later, Rick virgin boy doujinshi came through the door. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, the white material seeming to glow against the dark honey color of his skin. I felt my cock react again to the sight of his bare chest and his tight body as I remembered the feel of his nipples hardening under my tongue last night, the taste of his cock and cum just a few minutes earlier. I was embarrassed again by what I had done, what I had let Rick do to me, do IN me. I felt a blush spreading across my face, but then I remembered what he'd told me earlier and how he'd watched me jack off still partially tied by him to my own bed. I watched as Rick closed and locked the door to the bathroom, then turned to me, pulling off his towel as his did so. free virgins com "You like what you see, Billy Boy? I'm still hard! I'm gonna need to shoot some more loads. But you're gonna do the work for this one." Rick sat on his bed. "Get your mouth over here." The sound of his ls virgin pussies voice and the tone of command struck a nerve deep inside me. I responded immediately. My cock was rock hard as the waves of shame and humiliation turned once again to lust. I looked at Rick's sexy eyes and face, then took in his chest and the dark hair that grew in a line running down his abs to his crotch. Then my eyes reached his large cock and I was lost. I climbed to my knees, bent over his musky crotch and took him in my mouth. This time Rick never once touched my head with his virgin pussy live sex hands. I ran my mouth up and down his shaft and worked his cock until I could tell he was getting close. I was surprised when he reached down, got ahold of my hair and pulled my head up and off his cock. He was japanese virgin teacher sex looking down at me intently. "Don't wanna cum that way again, Billy Boy. I was gonna wait until tomorrow for this, but I think you're ready now." I had no idea what he was talking about, but made no protest as he sat up and grabbed the green bandana from where it lay on the bedside table. I felt my cock twitch as I saw the material in his hand. I couldn't pull my eyes from it, and Rick noticed. "Seems like you want this fuckng virgin again," he said holding the bandana up to my face. I couldn't say anything, but my hard dick betrayed me. I watched as Rick got off the bed and went over to mine. He retrieved the red and blue bandannas and turned to me, holding all three in his hands. He stepped back to me and pulled me by my hair back onto my own bed. He planted his right hand in the center of my chest and I twitched at the contact. He just gave me another wicked grin as he pushed me down onto my back on the bed. When I was lying flat, he climbed on top of me, straddling my chest on his knees. First he grabbed my right hand and pushed it over my head. I watched and felt his hard cock and his soft ball sack sliding over my chest and abs as he did so and didn't even really try to resist him tying my wrist to the bed post until it was done. Rick quickly tied my left wrist and then sat on my chest, rubbing his cock all over my face and lips. I could feel his precum smearing across my face and let my tongue slide across my lips to taste him again. Out of reflex, I tried to move my hands, but they were securely tied above me and would only move a tiny bit with the bit of slack Rick had left to keep my circulation going. Rick watched as I pulled and twisted, all to no effect, with a smirk on his face. Realizing that once again I wasn't going to get free until Rick let me, I stopped struggling and looked up at him past his throbbing cock, meeting his eyes. Rick was staring down at me and without breaking our stare, held the green bandana up where I could see it. I watched as he tied a large knot in the middle of it, unsure of what he had in mind. "You want my cock again?" he asked. I was well beyond denying this stud access to my mouth. "Yes, sir." "Then open wide." I obeyed but instead of the head of his cock sliding into me, Rick forced the large knot in the bandana between my lips. This caught me off guard and I tried to twist my head away, but Rick was ready for that. He pulled my head firmly into his crotch, pushing my face against his throbbing meat and held it there. I felt his hands tying the bandana at the back of my head and realized that I had just been effectively gagged. When he was finished, Rick released my head which fell back against the bed, leaving me staring up at the hot Latino man. "Good boy, Billy. You're gonna love this!" At first, he just grabbed the base of his cock and rubbed it against my eyes, cheeks and lips again and I was confused. With the gag in place, there was no way to get it in my mouth. Then he climbed off the bed and stood virgin preeteens next to me where I lay helpless. He looked down at me with a sexy grin. "I prefer to take a guy's cherry while he sucks another man's cock to keep him quiet, but since it's just the two of us...." He shrugged. I felt my eyes widen as the meaning of his words sank into my brain. Take my cherry? Oh,